occupational hazards of reporters for state-run media

It’s not easy being a reporter on the ground these days in the Arab world. Camelman shared with me some YouTube video posts of two recent examples of reporters from state-controlled media whose fingers on the pulse from the street were just a little bit off.

This first video shows a reporter from Nile News who was not quite on the button when it came to reporting on how the Egyptian people on the street around him felt about the verdict handed down to Hosni Mubarak earlier this week. When the reporter started to say that the majority of the people were satisfied with the verdict (around 0:27), that’s when he got that tap on the shoulder. He then tried to calm them down by saying that the majority wants the death penalty, but it was useless by then. The crowd can then be heard chanting “liars in the media!” and “the verdict is void!” as the camera pans out and he becomes lost in the crowd.

Not very clever of him, I must say. This is a nice example of why it’s so important for journalists to check their facts!

In this next video, you need only watch the first few seconds. You will see a hapless Syrian reporter who got smacked with a shoe by a passing man as he shouted something about the Syrian media, followed by “damn your father, you dog!”


The state-run media business is not like it used to be!


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