Monthly Archives: August 2012


Have I mentioned that I think that change in Saudi will be driven (ha, no pun intended) by the women? Wadjda¬†is the first feature film to be shot in Saudi Arabia and just debuted at the Venice Film Festival. It was directed by a Saudi ¬†female filmmaker named Haifaa Al-Mansour and from what I can tell, has garnered great reviews so far. I love the fact that they shot it on location in Riyadh. Quite a feat considering that pointing even a cell phone camera in any direction can arouse suspicion and dirty looks. And check out this photo of the director and one of the film’s actors (also Saudi) on the red carpet. The image of Saudi women continues to evolve …

Can’t wait to see the film. Hope it somehow makes its way to Canada. Or you never know … maybe I’ll see it next time I’m in Saudi Arabia?