ostriches in Saudi Arabia

I saw a video today that reminded me of something I spotted in a Carrefour (grocery store) in Riyadh 4 years ago:

Local ostrich?!?! … I never knew that ostriches could be found in Saudi Arabia, but indeed, the now extinct Arabian ostrich used to roam broadly across the Arabian Peninsula.

I’m not aware of ostrich meat being particularly common in Saudi cuisine, but apparently there is a market for it. But perhaps any market for their meat is too much for these plucky animals:

I don’t know about you, but I am rooting for this animal to fly (run) away to freedom!


3 responses to “ostriches in Saudi Arabia

  1. Unfortunately .. this was a mistake in translation .. it was Camel’s meat which is common in Saudi Arabia .. I have not seen yet Ostrich meat in Saudi Arabia .. however I have seen it before in UAE .. Ostrich meat is white .. like Birds 🙂 but it is tasty if you cook it the right way 🙂

  2. Abdulla Alzahid

    They got the translation wrong it’s camel meat

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