Monthly Archives: February 2013

you know you’ve been Saudi-ized when …

I know I have been quite lax about updating this blog, and to my faithful readers – all 10 of you 😉 – I do apologize.

In thinking about why I may have been less inspired to keep this up, one thought came to mind – have I been Saudi-ized?

Granted, this place certainly seems less strange to me, and dare I say, it is almost like a second home now? So how is it that I feel that I have become Saudi-ized? Well, a few indicators for me:

– I don’t bat an eye when I see a car driving down the street in the wrong direction, or better yet, driving in reverse down the street. He probably just missed a turn or is taking a short-cut.

– I respond to most questions with inshallah.

– I feel like I am not decently dressed if I go out without covering my hair.

– Going to the mall is just about the most entertainment I settle for these days.

– A party isn’t a real party unless there’s a whole lamb being served for dinner!

– I like to have my coffee and sweets (dates) before dinner, and sometimes again for dessert too. Hence, the Saudi seven.