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What a nutty day it was yesterday, in terms of weather. I went out for a walk with camelman around the neighbourhood. Not a good idea. It was super windy and the wind was whipping my abaya around my legs. I was wearing short pants underneath, so occasionally my abaya would ride up and reveal (gasp!) my bare calves. (I’ve only been here a week so far and already my modesty threshold has risen.) The worst was when we were on the sidewalk beside a busy road and cars would toot their horns at us as they drove by. Also, I couldn’t for the life of me keep my hijab scarf around my head with that wind. Its ends kept slapping camelman in the face so finally I just wrapped it around my head like a cocoon and tied its ends around my neck. To heck with style – I just didn’t want that scarf flying off into the wind!

It turns out that wind was a precursor to a bigger storm to come. Not one hour after we came home from the walk did we see this scene down the street:

It was a veritable brown-out and the sand was blowing every which way. Thank goodness we were in the car by then. Then, of all things, the rain came. Blowing sand and dust combined with rain makes for one muddy car!